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How we do it?

Best People
One of the key to our success is our people. ‘We are as good as our employees,’ says the CEO Fahad J Khan. We strive to hire and develop and retain exceptional people in our company. We pride ourselves in the creative freedom we cultivate in our offices. Thus, ensuring an environment where our staff’s individual capabilities can thrive and evolve. As we believe, the growth of our employees will directly contribute towards the satisfaction of our clientele. Our people include software engineers, designers, chartered accountants, business analysts, MBAs and entrepreneurs.

Best Clients
We believe that our clients are our Partners and integral part of our journey. We work in synchronisation with our clients to drive real innovation and digitizations. Our honesty and sincerity to our work as always encouraged a bond of ‘Trust’ between us and our clients. With the ever-evolving environment, we continually strive to maintain higher standards of quality and world class milestone driven delivery models for our clients, and we expect the same level of high quality of benchmark from our Clients. We work with clients as partner in achieving their objectives while digitising their infrastructure, from conception to development to launch.

Global Impact
3techno at a very early stage of its formation has recognised its social need of addressing complex issues being faced by the society. We are working in the development sector with more concentration on the education sector. As end-to-end digitisation partner of associations, we are working diligently in automating the education sector. While keeping in mind the 4th industrial revolution, 3techno is working hard towards fulfilling its social responsibilities with limited resources to digitally transform the organisations in need.

At 3Techno we create multiple synergies between our multiple resources – from our employees natural AI to our in-house built Bot driven AI to a 3rd party hosted intelligence. The client’s needs are constantly changing, so we work towards making their demands in to practical solutions with enduring results, which translate in to our Client’s improved return on investment. We believe in making 2+2 equals to 5.

Think Tank
Our Leadership comprises of dynamic personnel carrying versatile experience in different industrial sectors, which helps us to work and disrupt the industry with easy to use and cost-effective automating solutions. We research, study, analyse and provide an effective solution to every challenge posed to us by our clients. Our methodology defines our proactive approach to creativity and innovation not only in our own products but also in the solutions and services that we provide to our clients.

We at this stage are at the very basic stage of disruption considering the nature and space of 3techno’s operations. However, we are working to disrupt the developing countries by providing them with easy to use, cost effective automation solutions, customised to their needs. While automating we are working on the change management entailing the process in order to keep the ball rolling. For more details on our products that are challenging the giants of industry please click below:

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