Last updated: Jan-26-2023

Patent Information

Features and services within 3techno products may be the subject matter of pending and issued patents assigned to 3techno Digital Private Limited and its related entities. 3techno, Techno Financials, and Egress logos are Trademarks of 3techno Digital Private Limited.

Product Information

3techno, 3techno logo, Techno Financials, Egress, and Spital among others, are products and services of 3techno Digital Private Limited and its affiliates 3techno Digital LLC and Techno Digital LLC.

Copyright Information

3techno’s products, services and other related materials are owned by 3techno Digital Private Limited, and all rights are reserved by 3techno and its affiliates.

Licensing and Support

For licensing and product support related inquiries, please refer cs@3techno.com or visit our website https://3techno.com/contact-us/.

Last updated: Jan-26-2023

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