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3techno's startup office

Sharing a picture of how he started off with his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 with a small borrowed conference room, Mr. Fahad Jahanzeb shares his success story summing up this journeys’ milestones achieved so far.

Here’s what he had to say on this occasion:

“Al-ḥamdu l-illāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn! 

“Today marks a very important day of my life. I was blessed with my first child six years ago on May 19th, and a year later I launched my first venture. 

An endeavor that transformed my perception and concept of bringing value — value in the lives of those I have touched, value in the way we think, and ‘value’ that actually matters

In this tenure we have served over 100 clients in 10+ industries across 7 countries. 

One of the most significant developments in the last five years was the introduction of Techno Financials, which we envisioned to ease ERP automation and compliances. Although it took us some time, Techno Financials finally broke through in 2021. Currently, with over 3,500+ users worldwide and is recognized by globally renowned companies.

And how can I forget the most challenging time – COVID 19 pandemic. When most of the internationally and locally renowned enterprises were forced to close down/downsize, we managed to survive. However, it gave us the opportunity to explore more and to steadily expand our global footprint.

This wouldn’t had been possible without the support and cooperation of People that have empowered us. I dedicate these 5 years to all our #people#partners#customers, and #alumnus who put their faith in us and are helping us to grow.

The very sole of our culture is defined by the ‘extended shadow’ of its people. We believe in cultivating a winning network of individuals who works in synchronization with 3techno’s business objectives and overall directions in making our company and clients successful. 

From freedom of creativity, ethnic & gender diversity, innovation, learning opportunities, mentorship & apprenticeship, gaming zones, 7 O Clock meetups, laughers…but most importantly we have embedded a culture of having a ‘voice.’ This helps us in retaining the best people and creating a collaborative environment. 

This allows us to attain a pioneering spirit which results in creating and innovating exceptional products, solutions and services – even extraordinary customer care services. Culture is what makes us who we are today and who we strive to become in future.”

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